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Not quite ready for Wrath?

As a guild, we still have a few goals left before we are ready for Wrath.  We want to see some progression into Sunwell Plateau.  To that end, we need to open up and recruit a little bit.  If you are a solid player who still wants to do some raiding before the expac hits, the please hit us up!  We are open to solid players of all classes!

We are currently still clearing Black Temple, and are beginning work on Sunwell Plateau.  Message Bizzam or Gintora in game for more information!

We suffered at first, but we had the desire… then we got ANGRY!

Reliquary of SoulsBrought to you via Stertly…

The floating head is no more. Tonight Calzowned vanquished the three face horror known as the Reliquary of Souls. On our first night of attempts we got our feet wet learning the fight through all three phases. We might have taken 6 warlocks, but the timely addition of two shadow priests and taming the wild stallion Sajun were pivotal.

Phase one was learned quickly, and we determined our rogues can be very squishy but with a few tricks up their sleeves they pulled some magic out and learned to live. The feral druid experiment… well, it didn’t last so long. Sorry bud.

Phase two was the breaking point for the raid. If only somehow we could manage to defeat this race against the shrinking mana pool. The raid was tweaked and altered to death. From having six paladins to have two. People graciously switched and sat out to benefit the guilds needs. For this, we thank you. You got us to phase three.

Phase three only took two attempts. We did what we do best. Burn faster and brighter then go out with a bang! Well, Menoch went out with a bang. Either way, we have now killed six bosses in Black Temple.

Time to go pay Mother a visit and deliver justice for all the times she took our “darned vidya games” away.

Hunting Easter Eggs in Serpentshrine Cavern

Calzowned Defeats VashjWith 2.4 looming on the horizon and the need for dropping Vashj and Kael’Thas for attunement to Black Temple and Mount Hyjal being removed, Calzowned made a guild goal to do our best to down Vashj and Kael’Thas before patch.

On Easter Sunday, Calzowned ventured into SSC to have some fun hunting Easter Eggs with Lady Vashj, and low and behold, eggs she did drop, in the form of our first Tier 5 helms!

Vashj proved to be a taxing encounter and really pushed our members to perform at the top of their game. I am very proud to report that we have downed Vashj for the first time! Way to go Calzowned!