Gruul Down!

Gruul Defeated

After our last attempt, we knew we would take down Gruul on our next attempt. We decided we wanted to do it as a guild though and without requiring the assistance (and headache) of working with another guild. So we took a few weeks from our joint attempt to fill out our roster and gear up more folks.

The end result?

We took Gruul down on our 5th attempt. And we destroyed HKM to boot. This is the first time Calzowned has tackled any of the 25 man content as a solo guild and it was a huge success. Everyone did a wonderful job, knew their roles and came prepared for victory. I see great things for us in the future!

Congrats to all the loot winners!

We are still recruiting! We are looking for a couple of shadow priests, as well as another healer or two! If you are looking for a mature, laid back, yet focused guild, check us out!

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