Mount Hyjal, and not a Sherpa in sight…

First of, credit to where it’s due, this update is brought to you by Eanne. No screenshots available, as I was slacking last night…but we may add some later!

The night didn’t start out well.

A certain rogue (name withheld so he can live with his shame privately), while clicking through Jaina’s dialog in a vain attempt to leave the instance, sent the guild scrambling ignominiously into the hills for their life when the event was started with only half the raid in the zone.

After Jaina picked herself up from a quick dirtnap, Calzowned’s first foray into Mount Hyjal went much more smoothly… Like an 800 lb gorilla, the group brute forced down the first 8 waves of trash on its first attempt, putting Rage Winterchill back in the ground where he belongs; a rousing round of cheers rang out when it was discovered that no one important had died.

Anetheron was next to the plate, and schooled the raid in the gentle art of boss management when it was discovered that he could do damage. To lots of people. At the same time. (Cheater).

A second attempt proved more productive, despite the plaintive cries of the mages to move the boss just two steps closer to Jaina falling upon the callously deaf ears of main tank Bizzam, who laughed in disdain at the obvious ploy for more mana. We’re pretty certain the mages would have done over 1 MILLION dps if he had just listened thanks to the recent spirit/mana regen changes, but, well… tanks are usually about as smart as stumps.

We think it comes from getting repeatedly hit on the head by large metallic things.

Being horde, we all had a good laugh as Jaina’s town was overrun in the sequence following Anetheron’s demise, and with spirits soaring to match our climb to the horde outpost atop the mountain, we made ready to send Kazrogal to join his bretheren.

Our second attempt at Kaz became the classic snails paced dps race, as dwindling dps collided head on with dwindling boss health and crashed to a halt at a meager 5% health left. Unfortunately, Chutoi’s mom said it was getting too late, so he took his ball home with him, effectively ending the raid for the night. We’re pretty sure his needing to sleep was a lie, as everyone knows that lawyers are soulless, blood sucking vampires… and at his age, we’re not sure he could even find his bed regardless.

All said, a pretty good first night into Mount Hyjal, and we look forward to the next two bosses later this week.

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