Black Temple… where are the sacrificial virgins?

Najentus down (Apparently they’re celebrating their 28th birthday in Portland .)

With last week’s foray into Mount Hyjal resulting in 3 new notches in our metaphoric swords, we turned our attention this week to Black Temple.

What a dump! The pinnacle of WoW’s instance library feels like a perverse, twisted version of Molten Core, only with 900% more camera and “stuck in a crack” annoyance factor. Having said that, the intrepid (and cowardly, let’s not forget the cowardly) explorers sloshed through the slime, setting their target on Naj’entus.

Nothing quite shows one’s affection for a guildmate like pulling a giant spine out of their forehead…
I think there’s a sort of perverse pleasure in watching Throt run in to tank a mob and get instagibbed from lack of healing… although in this case it looks like the culprit may have been a miscount on the number of healers we brought with us as opposed to the usual more sinister agenda.

In the frenzy of culling our figurative (and literal!) horde down to the requisite 25, we apparently didn’t realize that only 7 of those were of the healing persuasion. 8 wipes before we successfully popped bubble-boys bubble permanently will teach us to use more than one hand to count our healers next time. In all fairness to the healers, the 7 of them DID manage to get us to sub 10% on Naj several times, so kudos where kudos are deserved.

While it was getting a little late, we were feeling bloodthirsty (is there any other way for horde to feel?), and being a mere 20 minutes from our first encounter with Supremus, we couldn’t resist the lure of free epics (after all, everyone says he’s a pushover, right)?

Well, apparently everyone who DIDN’T think he’s a pushover had less than 21,000 hp and is lying in a shallow grave somewhere, as we were left scratching our heads as to why he kept turning and instagibbing the melee dps. We eventually figured out his nasty trick with the double hateful bolts in under a second.

Sadly, this revelation came about 10 minutes AFTER we called the raid as it was getting late, but hey, Supremus? (is that a Taco Bell special?), we know your naughty secret, and we’ll be back this week.

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