Ghost of a Chance.

Teron Gorefiend down, Archimonde teetering.

It’s funny how sometimes the best strategy is just to walk away. After a brief break from progression raids, we came back and dropped Gorefiend on our second serious attempt, which left plenty of time to go back and visit Archimonde.

Even with several new people, we had our best night on the Hyjal boss, with 3 of 11 tries seeing Archi in the low 30’s. In fact, across the board, Sunday night’s attempts were solid, with only a few being early jumps into the fire for a quick rebuff and go (including 1 in which the MT got hit by no less than 3 seperate doomfire trails at the same time… go go random number generator).

Fortunately for us, at no point did anyone with a curse die while standing beside a mage with a perfectly functional decursing set up on his raid bars.


That’s my story… I’m sticking with it.

(Stertly stepped into doomfire or something).

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